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Spend less time on VOBs and Collect more billing revenue by helping clients admit more patients within your network

Billing Company

Medical billing for behavioral health and SUD treatment is not easy. But when admissions teams, facility owners, or families have legitimate questions that don’t have easy answers, they turn to you.

Your success depends on your ability to unlock and use all the knowledge, skills, and resources your team has at its disposal. So when mundane, error-prone, and repetitive manual tasks steal precious hours from your staff’s work day, who can you turn to?

Why WeRecover?

WeRecover has developed the first billing console specifically designed to help medical billers in the behavioral health space to dramatically reduce the amount of time and money spent on non-core billing functions.

  • Streamlines communication channels without email
  • Eliminates human effort wasted working on inactive policies
  • Automates data entry
  • Providing reliable insurance data so you can help your facilities make better admissions decisions, faster than ever.
By aggregating the admissions criteria for the treatment centers we work with, billers can create custom referral networks through the WeRecover Referral Hub to stop unnecessary leakage and retain more billing revenue within their purview.

Benefits of WeRecover

  • Verify Active Coverage Immediately
  • Receive VOB Requests directly from your clients
  • Send Fully Completed VOBs to your clients instantly
  • Text clients and patients from anywhere without ePHI staying on personal devices
  • Have clients send referrals to the network you create to prevent leakage
  • HIPAA and EKRA compliant
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