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Addiction Treatment During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’re living in uncertain times. Some have lost their jobs, many are practicing social distancing by staying at home, and stress is rampant. And for those with substance abuse disorders, this stress can add to the already difficult challenge of overcoming addiction. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol to cope in times of stress. During unpredictable situations like the coronavirus pandemic, you might feel like giving up these habits is harder than ever.

However, addiction treatment during the coronavirus pandemic can still be a priority. Substance abuse is still a danger to your health, and with telemedicine options and heightened safety measures in addiction treatment centers, you can safely work through addiction.

Why Addiction Treatment During the Coronavirus Pandemic is Important

Substance abuse causes changes in the brain, which makes it difficult to stop using. Many people with addiction to drugs or alcohol have experienced past trauma, and stressful situations can be triggering for PTSD or other co-occurring disorders. However, the experts at addiction treatment centers and rehabs can help you understand the causes of your substance abuse disorder. Through both individual and group therapy, you’ll start to see the patterns in substance abuse and how to break free of the cycle.

Addiction treatment during the coronavirus pandemic might seem unimportant. However, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, rehab programs are essential at this time because:

  • Stress from financial uncertainty or anxiety about the pandemic can lead to increased substance abuse or relapse
  • Some substances, like opioids or meth, have harmful effects on pulmonary and respiratory health
  • Smoking tobacco or marijuana negatively impacts lung health, and COVID-19 affects the lungs

Those with substance abuse disorders may be at higher risk of complications from COVID-19. So finding help through an addiction treatment center or discovering new ways to stay in recovery is vital.

Continuing Addiction Treatment During Coronavirus

We know that social distancing is essential for stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many states have issued “shelter-in-place” directives, and many others are sure to follow. If you regularly participate in a 12-step group or another group in your recovery, you are not out of options. Virtual therapy for both individuals and groups can help you maintain your recovery. Many addiction treatment centers are exploring options for virtual outpatient services and telemedicine.

Isolation can be challenging for people with substance abuse issues. Connecting to loved ones via FaceTime or other digital outlets, going for walks while practicing social distancing, and virtual counseling can all help you feel supported. Addiction treatment during the coronavirus is still possible.

If an inpatient program is right for you, addiction treatment centers are also increasing sanitation measures to ensure your safety at rehab. Many are limiting visitors to adhere to social distancing guidelines and closely monitoring staff and patients for fever or other symptoms. For some, rehab is a safer place than home during a quarantine. Especially for those without a strong network of support, the structure of an addiction treatment center can be helpful.

Safety at Rehab with WeRecover

At WeRecover, we connect you with the right treatment center for your unique needs. We partner with addiction treatment centers around the country that are committed to helping you work through problems with substance abuse safely. Even during a global pandemic, your therapist can provide support and help you develop healthy coping skills as you work through the causes of substance abuse.

Don’t let the current uncertain circumstances hold you back from the treatment you need for a successful recovery. Instead, choose something you can be certain of by finding an addiction treatment center through WeRecover.

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