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Mobile Admissions Portal (MAP) – Avoid HIPAA/EKRA Violations

One of the biggest challenges in the SUD treatment industry today is navigating patient referrals and remaining  in compliance with HIPAA and EKRA laws. When a SUD center cannot treat a specific patient for whatever reason often times staff will refer the patient to another center that is more suited to the patient’s needs.  However, in doing so, HIPAA and EKRA laws are often unknowingly violated by business development or admissions staff. Sending a text message along with a photo of a patient’s insurance card is not a secure method of transmitting patient health information and is a direct HIPAA violation.  Given that penalties for non-compliance can be as high as $50,000 per incident and may even include jail time for treatment center owners, a safe, secure and compliant solution needs to be in place.  


MAP is 100% HIPAA and EKRA compliant and has been vetted by our team of lawyers and other industry experts.  Referrals can be made to any treatment center whether they are a WeRecover client or not.MAP is a safe and secure solution and in full compliance with EKRA statutes because there is no remuneration between referring parties or WeRecover.  In fact, the auditing features provided allow you to track where referrals have been sent and from who they have been received to demonstrate compliance and even prove ethical referral practices to insurance companies with whom you are attempting to go in-network.

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