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Mobile Admissions Portal (MAP) CRM:  How to Create a New Patient

Most SUD Treatment Centers use a CRM system to track their clients.  The dirty little secret about CRM systems though, is that many go unused by the very people that they’re intended to help.  Some are too big, others are too slow, and most require extensive and expensive customization and/or dedicated staff members to manage them.  The biggest CRM players like Salesforce offer products that are bloated with functionality that is designed for an enterprise software sales team, not a SUD treatment provider.

WeRecover’s Lite CRM system found within MAP is designed specifically for SUD Treatment Centers and helps business development, admissions, and billing staff  to create and track potential and admitted patients. MAP only contains the fields that relate to the SUD treatment industry to save staff time and ensure they use it.  MAP includes the ability to store patient insurance information to run digital eligibility checks and re-verifications as required.  


Listed below is a brief walkthrough on how to create  a new patient:


  1.  From your main MAP Dashboard, select the plus button in the bottom right corner

  1. Select “Add Patient”

  1. Enter the patient’s information 

  1. Select “Add Patient” when all patient health information has been entered. 

  1. MAP will immediately return an eligibility check based off the insurance details as listed.  You can edit the insurance information and re-verify the VOB as required.

6.  The patient now appears on your WeRecover MAP dashboard where you can view the VOB, refer them out, re-verify their benefits as required, and  track their progress.


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