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WeRecover is excited to announce Wendi for Clinicians

Wendi is a friendly digital assistant that automagically manages your inbound patient inquiries – screenings, insurance eligibility, determining patient responsibility, intake paperwork, and scheduling.

Why we created Wendi.

WeRecover created Wendi to make sure that patients can find the right therapist for them, instantly. The reality is, therapists spend their days in sessions, not managing web inquiries, and people often have to wait 24 hours to even get a call back from a new therapist. Wendi bridges that gap, and gives every therapist she works with the equivalent of a highly competent assistant that can answer calls, text with patients, and handle basically everything – except treating them, of course.

What Wendi can do.

Wendi will get somebody’s name, contact info, and the issues they’re seeking help for – and determine if they’re a fit for your practice. If they are, Wendi can run an instant insurance eligibility check to see if your services are covered. She can explain your fee schedule, and if everything checks out, she’ll auto-schedule an appointment and add it to your calendar.

The moment Wendi gets somebody’s phone number, she can transition from webchat to SMS so that patients can conveniently text with her. Through text, Wendi can send out your intake forms and make sure you get them back. And she can send appointment reminders.

Wendi comes with a powerful set of tools: 

  • a unique phone number for a clinician’s practice that belongs to them
  • the ability to make and receive calls
  • unlimited HIPAA-compliant SMS messaging
  • instant insurance eligibility software 
  • a referral hub that makes sending and receiving referrals easier than ever
  • an intuitive, light CRM 


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