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WeRecover has combined multiple point solutions into a single platform to save you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month

Automate to Save Time

Use one platform to do it all.

Interaction Management Platform
Instant Insurance Verification
Integrated Billing
Clinical Referral Hub
New Patient Connections

Why WeRecover?

WeRecover’s mobile platform helps treatment centers automate and manage pre-admissions processes internally with all staff and or with an external biller, all from a single dashboard. No more wondering what a patient source is, whether they have valid insurance coverage, whether there are any carve outs or exclusions that preclude them from being admitted, or where else they’re admissible if they’re not a fit for your facility. All data is stored safely and securely in the cloud, but always in your back pocket available to your biz dev, admissions and billing teams via our mobile app or web console.

  • Manage all your pre-admit clients sourced from your website, Google, Facebook, and the WeRecover search engine from a single dashboard
  • Unlimited connections and mobile messaging with admissible patients
  • Sync and centralize all communication with patients, providers, partners, and payers
  • Perform unlimited insurance eligibility checks instantly 24/7/365
  • Send digital requests to your biller to receive full VOBs faster than ever before.
  • Eliminate double data entry by seamlessly connecting with existing systems.
  • Send and receive referrals with appended eligibility checks and VOBs to make smarter admissions decisions faster
  • Expand your network of treatment partners by transparently connecting patients with providers based on admissibility with full audit tracking

Benefits of WeRecover

Treatment Centers without WeRecover
  • Every Client Interaction stored in a different system, if tracked at all
  • Pay More for Online Verification with Less Payers
  • Unmanaged VOBs and Biller Communications Wastes Time Every Day
  • Lose Valuable Biz Dev/Admissions Time Vetting Untracked Referrals and Trying to Find Who Can Take Them
  • Your staff owns client relationships and has PHI illegally on their devices
Treatment Centers with WeRecover
  • Manage all Client Interactions from your website, Google/FB, and WeRecover in a single dashboard
  • Verify Active Coverage Immediately
  • Get Fully Integrated VOBs from your biller in 1/2 the time
  • Text clients from anywhere without ePHI staying on personal devices
  • Send/Receive Referrals w/ Coverage Info Based on Admissibility
  • Your Facility Owns Client Relationships While Maintaining HIPAA and EKRA compliance

WeRecover Pricing

Why Pay More for Less?
  • Interaction Management $100-$400/mo
  • Eligibility Check $300-$800/mo
  • CRM $150/mo Per User
  • 3rd Party Marketing $500/mo
  • Administrative Costs $500/mo
WeRecover Platform Includes
  • Interaction Management for your website, Google, Facebook, and WeRecover
  • Mobile Communications Platform
  • Unlimited Insurance Verifications
  • Mobile App & Web Dashboard
  • Integrated Biller VOBs
  • WeRecover Search Engine Profile
  • Clinical Referral Hub
  • And More!
In just 15 minutes, we can show you how WeRecover can pay for itself while saving you and your team time and money every day.
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